AccApplic is a networking activity with the funded EUCARD2 European project on particle accelerators, addressing the applied areas of industry, healthcare, energy production and security.

It will assess the use of novel technology, particularly that developed for accelerator infrastructure used for academic research, for a variety of applications. This will involve collaboration with potential users of the technology being studied.

Amongst the infrastructure that already exists or is being developed that will be exploited are Linac 4 and the SPL at CERN, the Front End Test Stand in STFC, the European Spallation Source in Sweden, a number of cyclotrons and electrostatic accelerators, the EMMA FFAG in STFC and targets developed at PSI, STFC and elsewhere.

Applications that will be investigated include cancer therapy with X- rays, protons, ions and neutrons (in the form of Boron Neutron Capture Therapy), ion implantation, the production of Molybdenum 99, cargo container screening, the production of PET isotopes and Accelerator Driven Systems for nuclear power production and waste transmutation. The participants in the network include many of the major accelerator laboratories in Europe, and a number of companies.

The network will facilitate collaboration and research by organising a number of annual workshops and topical mini-workshops, participate in related events in other projects, support the exchange of experts, propose and follow-up beam experiment results to improve knowledge and will involve postgraduate students and other researchers.

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